Q01. What is evMega?

evMega is a total solution provider of EVSE (Electric) Vehicle Supply Equipment in Hong Kong. We supply and install various types of Smart EV Chargers in terms of power output (7kw, 21kw and even up to 350kw super-fast charging station), mounting types (ceiling, wall and floor stand) and charging standards (J1771, IEC Type 2, CHAdeMO, CCS, GB and etc), and associated equipment and solutions, such as Octopus Payment Kiosk, Management and Control Platform (“SnapCharge”), Dynamic Load Management for building with limited grid capacity. We aim to provide one stop shop solution to our client with the highest possible flexibility and assist our clients in various stages of EV Charging development.

Q02. What is SnapCharge?

SnapCharge is a cloud-based charging platform that helps controlling and monitoring the status and availability of charging stations, chargers, power, users, payment and other critical information related to the charger deployment. The administrator can remotely access the real data from chargers, make adjustments and collect valuable data for better management decision.

Q03. What is evMega Apps? Where can it be downloaded?

evMega Apps is a very convenient and easy-to-use tool for EV driver.

It integrates with AutoNavi (高德) map and can provide real time information about the chargers.You can search and find the charging stations nearby, and identify the available numbers, charging types (public versus private), power output (slow, medium or fast charging) and related information. Membership registration is easy and just takes few steps.

Once you have registered, you can make charger reservation and better plan your trip to avoid the long queue of waiting for charger services.

Other useful features include:

select charging time and payment method (online payment, e.g. Paypal, or Octopus)

make payment using embedded QR Code Scanner for the charging service

manage your orders (all, partially completed, completed, cancelled)

manage your devices, e.g. password setting, and charging status (start & stop)

You can also access operation guidelines and provide your valuable feedback to us.

evMega™has both Andriod and iPhone version. It can be downloaded in Google Andriod Market and iPhone App Store.

Q04. What is the difference between the private and public charger?

Private Charger is reserved for personal use only and will not be opened to the public like the Public Charger. It means you can only recharge your electric vehicle in the Public Charger Station only. The service charge of the stations and chargers are governed by the operator and site owners. You can access to the information regarding its availability and service charger plan via evMega App.

Q05. How can I determine the actual charging time for our vehicle?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of chargers, say AC versus DC.

In general, DC is faster though not a must. You can refer to the power output for a rough estimation. The basic formula of charging time is EV battery capacity divided by the power output. The actual rate will be subject to various other factors, e.g. the usable capacity of your EV and the charging conditions of the station. Charging speed also starts to slow down when the full capacity is almost reach, e.g. 80%. The faster the power output the quicker the observation will be seen. Also, for maximum charging speed, additional device, such as dual charger in Tesla, is sometimes required.

Q06. I cannot find the type of socket that fits my car? Why and what can I do?

The charging standard depends to a large extent on your EV models.

There are J1772, IEC Type 2, GB, CHAdeMO, CCS Combo &Tesla Model.

For AC, the de facto standard in the market is IEC Type 2. You shall use a right cable with suitable plug to socket at charger side and connector to inlet at the vehicle side before you can charge. You can contact us if you would like to purchase the cable.

For DC, the cable standard is fixed. Some DC charger is multi-standard and provides added flexibility with more than one cable with different standard. You need to select the right one for your car. Sometimes, it is necessary to purchase an additional adaptor from your car distributor or reseller.

Q07. I have already plug-in the cable but there is no response. What can I do?

Step 1: Check the connection status

evMega AC Charger

If the charger is equipped with a LCD touch screen, you can see the connection status at both charger and vehicle side from the LCD touch screen since our intelligent charger will automatically detect the connection before the electricity current starts to flow. You can see the tick sign on the screen which indicate the cable has been safety connected. evMega AC Charger will also secure the cable in place by solenoid lock to make sure that the connection will not lose in the subsequent stages.

DC Charger

If you are using DC Charger without the user-friendly notification screen, you can see if the charger has indicator light to show the connection status. Different charger model has different status indication light.

Step 2 – Check your vehicle

Step 3 – Try another charger in the same station

Step 4 - Call your station operator

You can find the right contact information of the charger operators from your instruction sheet nearby or from the apps. Please call them directly for help.

Q08. How far can my EV travel per one charge?

First, you need to determine the actual charging time. Please refer to answer of Q05.

Second, you need to check your EV distance power conversation ability and it varies with model.

Q09. How many EV can be served by one charger?

We do not impose any limitation on the number of EV the charger can serve but we will limit the number of authorized users for the charger if you entered our subscription service plan and the service charge hours per month in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Q10. Will the charger stopped charging when the battery gets full?

Yes, it will stop in order charging when the battery gets full to protect the EV and the charger.

Q11. How can evMega ensure the charger is safety operated?

evMega Charger is IEC61851-1 certified. It complies with the international requirements of EV charger and the installation follows exactly the EMSD guidelines by registered electrical engineers. evMega™ has built-in RCD, SPD, MCB to protect the charger against electricity leakage, short-circuit and damages from thunderstrike. The e-stop button also allows immediate charging termination.

Q12. Is your chargers waterproof?

Our outdoor version is IP54 which is an index of ingress protection. More explicitly, it is protected against splash water from any direction and against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted.

Q13. How can I register as evMega member?

You need to download evMega App and follow simple steps as indicated. After you have input your mobile number, our system will send you sms with verification code. You can then enter the code into the apps and set your password. For public charger station, you have the option to integrate your apps with your payment account, such as PayPal. Please refer to Q14 for more details of the account setup.

Q14. How can I set up and link my PayPal account to evMega App?

Set Up of PayPal account

Step 1

Go to PAYPAL website: http://www.paypal.com

Press "Register" button

Step 2

Provide your email address, create a password for login to your PAYPAL account in the future

Step 2-1

Continue to fill out simple personal information (address and phone number will be used for delivery address in the future)

Step 3

Register credit card information for payment used. (If you do not want to link credit card, you can press "reprocessing" (no credit card), you can enter only when payment)

- Then choose "Link a debit or credit card" to add payment methods.

- After you add your credit card or debit card information, click "Link" to connect to your PayPal account to make online payments and receive money.

Paypal Credit Card Payment Guide

1) Choose Paypal for your payment method

2) Login to your Paypal account

3) Press “payment” button

Q15. What can I do if I forgot my password?

Our Apps can send you a verification code by sms.

You can input the code and reset your password.