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Business Plan

We provide the solutions from the low voltage switch board, electricity infrastructure, different types of chargers, management solutions, load management, payment solution for properties.

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Share Profit Charging Solution


For Landlord

If you are the landlord, we could empower your properties with latest charging facilities.  We offer both AC and DC charging solutions for different EV users. We would also provide the “zero-investment” solution and landlord could receive profit share for charging every month.

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For Charger operator

If you want to be a charging operator, we could support you by providing the charging solution including devices, management solution and the mobile applications. In addition, we are partnering with some landlords and developers that we might help to find your ideal charging site.


Solutions towards Car Brand

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If you are marketing an EV car brand, charging solution is a key to success. We could assist you to set up your branded charging station with different scale, location, types of charging and even financial solutions.


Solutions for Fleet

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If you would like to setup an EV fleet, we could customize the charging station by estimating the power, number and location of chargers. In addition, the web-based management platform could help to manage the individual charger easily. 

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Monthly Plan

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-Warranty and maintenance included

-7x24 technical support

-product liability warranty

-apps support for charging control

-Extra energy costed $40/10kWh

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