EVTRONIC is a company spinned off from Boreaux University in 2007 and it possesses the knowledge and experience of EV Charger Infrastructure solution. 

At the end of 2017, its charger has been successfully set up in Europe, the first of its kind, across Netherland, Belgium, Germany and Austria with about 21 Ultra-Fast Charging Stations across the lane.

Currently, it has installed over 500 DC quick charger and their fast charging stations are the equipment of choice for developing an ultra-fast charging station up to 350kW. We have no doubt about the quality of the Charger which is IEC 61851-1 international charger standard compliance. 

In 2017, evMega becomes the certified partner of EVTRONIC and was granted the qualification for the installation of DC Quick Charger.


Universal fast charger                                                                                   

QC Standalone*

  • Ideal for places that allowing short parking times (around 30 min.)

  • Has the biggest customization surface

  • Requires minimum installation work

20190528 Product Brochure- DC 50_側面.png

* When only 1 car is connected, charger provides the maximum required power, when 2 cars are connected (one in AC and another in DC) the charger splits the maximum output power between 2 cars.

** Only 1 DC car can be charged at one time, even though there is more than one DC connector.

Queuing is available in AC and CHAdeMO. Maximum 2 UU can be used per QC or PU.

User Unit 125 A.png

User Unit 125 A

Universal fast charging user unit                                                                   

  • Must be connected to a QuickCharger or Power Unit

  • AC & DC charging connectors are included in the housing

  • Can charge AC and DC simultaneously

  • Does not have an AC / DC converter

  • Includes only an AC controller

User Case1_DC - HPC 175 kW OR 200 A.png

Power Unit 

User Unit


#user case1 

ultra fast charging solution                                                       

  • 1 x Power Unit 375 A + User Unit 200 A*

  • DC - HPC 175 kW / 200 A

*One PU 375 A together with a UU 200 A will provide up to 950 V / 200 A / 175 kW. This means the charger can deliver up to 175 kW to cars with a 950 V battery and 100 kW to cars with a 500 V battery.

Job References


Installation    -December2017 In Frankfurt, First public ultra faststation openedin Europe 

Configuration -700 kW total on 4 chargingpoints. EachUser                          unit deliveringup to 350 kW/400 A/900 V

2007-2009 Phase1
R&Dengineering A spinoff   from Bordeaux 1 University

• On-board batteries smartmanagement

• Electric vehicle batteries chargecontrol
               • First generation of  fastchargers for electric vehicles

2010-2013 Phase2
First contracts Pioneer in  fast charging development

• Groupe Total Belgium - 6 fast chargers 

           • Better Place Australia - Partnership with Schneider
               • City of La Rochelle - Pioneerin full electric car sharing


Network deployments In 2017, customer assets will exceed 500
2014-2017 Phase3
  • Cities - Bordeaux, Toulouse

  • Regional networks - Occitanie, Aquitaine, Franche Comte

  • French Corridors - CNR, Sodetrel

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