“Park n Charge”

Our Hourly-rate parking concept, evMega™ provide flexible charging solution in all public car park, shopping mall, commercial building, school, hospital etc…..

Our system is ready for both causal and registered member

  • Octopus Payment: Less than 10 seconds, after “Dood” your car is charging. Simple and Easy.

  • Registered member privilege: Sophisticated mobile apps ( both Android and iOS) are ready for you to download evMega™ app and register as member in minute.

1) Flexible payment: PayPal, credit cards,

    online banking, etc…

2) SnapCharge system: on-line and real-time

    system to access your car charging status.

Monthly Plan

“My Charger”

Enjoys our life rather worry charging.

The monthly plan allows you have your own

charger in your home or office carpark.

  • Charge anytime as you want: You can decide     when is the best time to charge your EV.

  • One stop service: We shall liaise with property  management and related parties to provide one-stop service solution for the liaison,

      consultation, installation and maintenance.

  • Flexible program: We have different programs   for high medium and low usage users.

Co-operation Plan

“Response to market”:

You find market and we provide technology. evMega™ are ready to provide on-line management platform, payment and kiosk solution , hotline management , different battery charging and infrastructure consultation with you and your company .

We welcome for business co-operation with your potential market.

Tailor-made Solution


evMega™ has strong engineer team to support

your new EV idea.

We are flexible to provide various hardware and system to tailor make for your EV charging needs

to meet your requirements.

Just contact us and we make it happen.